Dear customers,

It’s with mixed feelings we’re letting you know that SmartLaser La Vallée will close its doors by the end of August 2024.
We’re pushing the reset button and are relocating to Ghent, where the original story of SmartLaser started five years ago.


To all my dear clients I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been wonderful getting to know you and help you on your hair free journey.


And not to worry – you will be able to book laser treatment up until the end of August, with a little extra:

As a thank you, clients who decide they will continue their laser sessions in Ghent will receive a 20% off discount
on their first laser session at our new location.

The salon will move to Begijnhoflaan 452, 9000 Ghent and will open its doors in september 2024. We’re looking forward to welcome you!


Thank you for choosing SmartLaser La Vallée and I hope I’ll have the pleasure of continuing to help you on your hair free journey in Ghent.

With much love, Tessa