About us

As a former long haul flight attendant, I discovered just how annoying unwanted hair can be. A quick shave before heading off to the pool…

Auwch, a cut. Whoops, an ingrown hair. Yikes, so much razor burn and I clearly missed that strip of hair …

Traditional hair removal also brings along a ton of products. A razor, razor gel, soothing cream, band aids, waxing strips, epilator, … Too much work and too much time that you can invest in something else!

That’s how I started looking into more permanent solutions and how I landed – pun intended – on the SHR laser.

In 2019 I started my own laser salon in Ghent. With four years of experience and passion, I’m proud to open a second laser salon right here in Brussels where I’ll be at your service every Wednesday and Friday.

Why choose SmartLaser La Vallée?

Forget endlessly shaving, waxing or epilating! The SHR laser hair removal treatment is the most painless and innovative way to get rid of unwanted hair.


At SmartLaser La Vallée you choose for the personal approach. You can always come in for a free intake session.

We’ll take our time to inform you about the SHR laser and treatment and we’ll look at your individual wishes and the possibilities.

Shaving is a thing of the past.

Curious if the SHR laser treatment is a good fit for you?
Find out and book a free intake session now!