What is SHR?

SHR is a laser treatment developed to get rid of up to 90% of unwanted hair in a comfortable, quick and painless way – with long term results.

The SHR laser uses a low energy in combination with a high repetitive frequency. Unlike with IPL, the energy is spread. Because the energy is spread, the treatment is more effective and the skin cools down quicker.

Why SHR is great at permanent laser hair removal:

Because the SHR laser uses a lower energy combined with a repetitive light pulse, the temperature only goes up to 45° Celsius. The tip of the laser is also cooled down to -5° Celsius, hence why the SHR treatment is practically painless and much more comfortable compared to IPL.

SHR (Super Hair Removal)

Skin warms up to a maximum of 45° Celsius
Works on any hair type, except white or grey hairs (without pigment)
Selective work with in-motion technique
Minimal side effects
Low energy with multiple pulses
Quick sessions with no downtime
Pulses will go 50 % through melanine and 50% through the skin surface

Why do you need multiple treatments?

Each hair grows in a cycle, with multiple growth phases. Only the hairs that are currently in the growth phase (the anagen phase) can be destroyed during a SHR laser treatment. Around 15% to 25%% of your hairs are currently in that specific growth phase. So to destroy up to 90% of them, you’ll need multiple laser treatments.

Hair growth is influenced by genetic factors like hair colour, ethnicity and hormonal influences. On average, you’ll need 10 to 12 treatments – but this can vary because of genetic and hormonal factors, or if you’ve had previous (laser) hair removal methods.

Hair growth

All the hairs on your body are constantly passing through one of the four phases in the hair growth cycle. Here’s what a full cycle looks like:

  1. Anagen phase: active growth phase for 2 to 6 years – only if the hair is in this phase, hair removal can take place
  2. Catagen phase: regression phase for 1 – 2 weeks
  3. Telogen phase: resting phase for 5 – 6 weeks depending on which part of the body
  4. Exogen phase: falling out phase – the hair eventually detaches and falls out

Every hair passes through it’s own cycle and varies with time. That’s why multiple treatments are necessary. After up until 90% of the unwanted hairs are removed, you can come in once a year for a single follow-up treatment. This is when we repeat a single treatment every year to make sure you stay up to 90% hair-free. This follow-up treatment is not obligatory, but is highly recommended.

I recommend it to all my friends.

Read below what SmartLaser La Vallée clients have to say about our laser treatments.

Consultation personelle, traitement et résultats

Accueil sympathique et informations claires lors de l'entretien d'admission. Après quelques séances seulement, j'ai obtenu des résultats. Une expérience agréable et non douloureuse. Lieu agréable. Hautement recommandé à un prix doux.

Sabine G.

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Intake, treatment and results

I am super satisfied with Tessa. I was received in a very cosy building in Brussels. First I was given a detailed explanation of what to expect and how she worked. It is completely painless and the service is perfect. As is the result. Thank you Tessa!

Laura G.

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