We’ll inform you on how the SHR laser treatment works so you can make an informed decision.

At SmartLaser La Vallée, informing our customers so they feel comfortable with their laser treatment is a must. Together, we discuss the following:

– How does the SHR laser work?

– What is your skintype?

– How do the appointments and the intervals work?

– Are there any contradictions in starting the laser treatment?

– How many treatments are generally needed?


At SmartLaser La Vallée, you choose for the personal approach. We will take the time to answer all of your questions regarding the SHR laser treatment and take a look at your individual wishes. An intake takes 15 up to 30 minutes, is free of charge and a personal consultation to find a treatment adapted to your wishes and needs. The intake is mandatory if you are a first time customer and would like to start your hairfree journey with us.


Can’t wait to get started?

Book your intake + your first laser session together in our online agenda. After the intake, we can get started right away with lasering!

Not sure yet?

Book a free intake session in our online agenda and decide at your pace if you’d like to get started.